Winter Season Finals

Winter Season Finals will be played this Wednesday 24th Sept. The top 4 in each grade will play finals. Semi-finals will be played first with winners of these playing in the grand final same night. Only the first 7 rubbers of each match will be played and the team that finish higher on the ladder will have the option of which side of the scoresheet they wish to be named.
Not that for these finals, due to the format, fill-ins will not be allowed.
A grade
Table 1 A Royal Riot vs Robbed
Table 2 Triple S vs Slammers
B1 Grade
Table 3 Jake and the Fatment vs Latlanders
Table 4 Wagana vs Matadors
B2 Grade
Table 5 Ebb and Flow vs DDP
Table 6 Dragons vs Soaring Eagles
C grade
Table 7 Young Guns vs Pretenders
Table 8 Sorry vs VOL.D.MORTS
Good luck to all teams.