Table Tennis Autumn 2021 Week 8

Round 8 of The Mount Gambier Autumn season produced some hotly contested matches as teams continue to vie for a spot in the finals nearing the pointy end of the season. 

A-grade’s Anything IDK, led superbly by Chandler Jantosh, asserted dominance early against an undermanned Moore Or Less and were never troubled despite a spirited late fightback from Andrew Moore and ben Newman. Jantosh won both of his singles rubbers, helping his team to a comfortable 7-4 victory. In the A-grade’s other match up, Assassins and Tigers were both missing players and played out a modified 2-on-2 match. Assassins player Nick Aston produced a sterling individual performance to come away undefeated, however an even team effort from Robin Pellen and Ward Freeman gave Tigers the 3-2 victory.  The highlight of the match was Pellen’s 5-game tussle with Assassins player Kevin Patzel. Patzel started strongly, taking the first game before Pellen fought back, taking the next 2. Patzel then sent the rubber into a deciding game, the combatants going point-for- point before Pellen finally prevailed in a nail-biter. 

B1’s Warriors began with victory to Aaron McPhee over his Colossal Gnomes opponent in Cameron Beal, before Katrina McPhee and Rowan Hardcastle gave the Gnomes the edge with victories in their respective opening singles rubbers. This would only sparked the Warriors to a rampage, reeling off the next four rubbers to take a commanding lead. Aaron McPhee was an unstoppable force as usual, maintaining a clean sheet in his singles rubbers including a comfortable victory over his mother Katrina to close out the night. Hardcastle fought bravely for the Gnomes but was unable to inspire his team to victory, the Warriors claiming a 7-4 victory.  In the other B1 contest, Top Deck were pushed to their absolute limits by SRS. Scott Fartch recorded a thrilling victory for SRS against Top Deck’s Kuncheria Luka before Hayden Luo returned serve with an equally tense 5-game victory against SRS’s Rayelene Hutchesson. The trend continued throughout the night, players from both teams showing a high level of skill and determination. Ultimately it was Top Deck who prevailed 6 rubbers to 5 despite a perfect individual performance from SRS player Sarah Thompson. 

In B2, Hardcore went toe-to-toe in the early stages of their contest with Young And Old before Rob Halleday and Chris McGregor asserted their dominance, ultimately cruising to an easy 8-3 victory on the back of winning 5 of the last 6 rubbers. Halleday went undefeated on the night, whilst Rhys Edwards fought hard for Young And old including a tough 5-game victory over McGregor. In the second of the B2 encounters, Felix Owusu was the star performer for his Rockets team against Corey Jeffrey’s ACL, Owusu coming away undefeated to guide the Rockets to a narrow 6-5 victory. Lorraine Halleday’s matchup against Marga Steele was the highlight of the night, Steele claiming victory for Rockets with a tight 5-game win.  

In the C-Grade, The Odd Bunch made a strong start against The Rollers, Heather McGregor and Tom Horrigan recording victories in their respective opening singles rubbers to give their team a 2-0 lead. Unfortunately for the Odd Bunch their joy ended there, Chris Silky, Tom Horrigan and Emina Leamey combining to claim 7 of the remaining 9 rubbers for Rollers and a 7-4 overall win. The Outcasts had an equally comfortable 7-4 win over The Fires in the other C-Grade match. Andrew “Sharknado” Schubert proved the difference with a spectacular individual performance for The Outcasts, while Nudee Cook and Jacob Halleday also fought bravely for The Fires.  

3-rubber winners:   

  • A-Grade: Chandler Jantosh (Anything IDK), Nick Aston (Assassins) 
  • B1-Grade:  Aaron McPhee (Warriors), Sarah Thompson (SRS) 
  • B2-Grade: Rob Halleday (Hardcore), Felix Owusu (Rockets) 
  • C-Grade: Tom Horrigan (Odd Bunch), Andrew Schubert (The Outcasts) 

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