Table Tennis Spring 2021 Week 1

Table Tennis Spring sprang back into action this week, the seven-week Spring season split into 2 Divisions, with each division comprising 5 teams of six players. Four teams per week will battle it out in each division, while the fifth will have the bye on a rotating basis.

The first match in Division 1 saw the Patriots take on the Broncos. Broncos players Harry Childs, Luke Bremner, Graham Heading and Travis Sweet all won their respective opening singles rubbers against their Patriots opponents and appeared to have set their team on the way to a comfortable victory, before the Patriots were led to a resounding resurgence on the back of inspired performances by Ward Freeman, David Harris-Jones and Felix Owusu through the doubles section and also reverse singles section of the encounter. Sweet and Kevin Patzel won the last two rubbers of the night for the Broncos, but by that stage the result was beyond doubt as the Patriots claimed the 10-8 win. In the other Divion 1 encounter, the Raiders locked horns with the Cowboys. Kuncheria Luka got the Cowboys off to winning start with an exciting 5-game win over his Raiders opponent Rayelene Hutchesson, before squared the ledger for the Raiders with a comfortable win over Hayden Luo. The trend continued in the early stages of the night until Raiders no. 1 player Sirinat Sweet stepped up to lead by example, inspiring her team to take control of the contest, as they won 7 of 8 rubbers through the middle section to completely extinguish the fight out of their opponents and cruise to an 11-7 victory. Luka and Will Newlyn performed strongly for the Cowboys, both maintaining clean sheets in their singles rubbers, but an even team effort from the Raiders, including Sarah Thomson’s dominant performance, ensured they took home the chocolates.

In Division 2, the Lions completely outclassed a brave Titans outfit, whilst the Vikings barely had to raise a sweat in accounting for the hapless Warriors. Doug Megaw, James Peake and Richard Van Der Linde turned in completely dominant performances for the Lions, all maintaining a clean singles sheet on the night, whilst Marga Steele and Nate Harris-Jones showed spirit for the Titans. Steele maintained a clean sheet in her singles rubbers, Harris-Jones bravely fought out not one but two 5-game singles matchups, splitting the results. Overall, the Lions claimed the comfortable win by 12 rubbers to 6. Vikings players Richard Horrigan, Tracey Rawlings and Haylee Barnes all produced perfect performances to sweep aside their Warriors opponents whose only saving grace was a clean sheet to Nick Sweet.

3 match winners:

Division 1: Ward Freeman (Patriots), Travis Sweet, Luke Bremner (Broncos), Sarah Thomson (Raiders), Kuncheria Luka, Will Newlyn (Cowboys).

Division 2: Doug Megaw, James Peake, Richard Van Der Linde (Lions), Marga Steele (Titans). Nick Sweet (Warriors), Tracey Rawlings, Haylee Barnes, Richard Horrigan (Vikings)

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