Table Tennis Spring 2021 Week 4

All matches in week 4 of the Mount Gambier Table Tennis Spring Season were decidedly one-sided, both Divisions producing clear victors.

Giants and Patriots squared off in the first match of Division 1. Leigh Barry continued his hot form for Giants, while for the Patriots Ward Freeman, Robin Pellen and Rayelene Hutchesson all maintained clean sheets in guiding their team to a comfortable 11-7 win. Victories to Hutchesson, Pellen, Freeman and Felix Owusu set the early tone for the night, giving Patriots a 4-0 start that Giants were unable to recover from. The other Division 1 contest was equally lopsided, Will Newlyn’s Cowboys dominating the struggling Broncos led by Sirinat Sweet. Newlyn, Bill-John Watson and Justin Hutchesson all had night out for the Cowboys, keeping their singles sheets clean, while Broncos player Harry Childs tried manfully to add some respectability to his team’s efforts. The contest started evenly with the teams trading wins before Newlyn, Watson and Hutchesson entered the fray and stamped their authority, eventually guiding the Cowboys to a comfortable 13-5 victory.

Results in both Divion 2 matches were unfortunately much the same. Doug Megaw’s Lions proved to be far too strong for Kylie Boston’s Warriors, before Anneliese Holtz’ Titans taught Tom Horrigan’s Buccaneers an absolute table tennis lesson. James Peake and Andrew Telford proved to be the difference for the Lions, both remaining undefeated, while Tracey Escreet was the only standout for the Warriors. Highlights of the night included a tense 5-game struggle between Peake and Boston, whilst Lions player Jacob Ireland also had to pull out all his tricks to overcome his Warriors opponent Nudee Cook in 5. Rising stars Lenny Van Der Linde and Jacob Halleday also thrilled onlookers with their own 5-game encounter late in the match, however it was the Lions who cruised to overall victory by 12 rubbers to 6. The Buccaneers were out to improve on last week’s showing, and although they managed to do that, they still showed they have some way to go before being seriously competitive. Mark Devaney and Emina Leamey kicked things off for the Titans with easy victories in their first singles rubbers, before Chris Turner stepped up and ensured their wouldn’t be a repeat of last week’s nightmare for the Buccaneers, beating Tracy Rawlings. There was little else to write home about unfortunately, as Devaney, Jedda Hardcastle, and Marga Steele kept clean sheets for the Titans enroute to a comfortable 14-4 victory.

2 rubber winners:

Division 1 – Rayelene Hutchesson, Ward Freeman, Robin Pellen (Patriots), Leigh Barry (Giants), Harry Childs (Broncos), Will Newlyn, Bill-John Watson, Justin Hutchsesson (Cowboys)

Division 2 – Jedda Hardcastle, Marga Steele, Mark Devaney (Titans), Tracey Escreet (Warriors), James Peake, Andrew Telford (Lions).

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